India Story

We have partnered with thought leaders and organizations that will provide an overview of the India story. This is not what you read in the news – this is about the plans, projects and predictions for the Indian economy and what this really means for us as we embark on an exciting journey. We have invited experts, academics, change makers and entrepreneurs to give you a holistic view of India 2020.

Delivery: Keynote and Panel discussions

We are not here just to sit in a classroom and learn about entrepreneurship. We want you to spend time with entrepreneurs – a group of passionate individuals who are already into their journey. We want you to experience the good, the bad and the ugly of entrepreneurship. You will meet individuals who are leading India’s entrepreneurial eco-system – those who have created companies and made a difference. You will get to spend time with investors and mentors who are betting on this generation to make India the next Silicon Valley.

Delivery: Keynote, Panel Discussion, Speed Dating and Group Activity

The agenda will be divided into three main tracks - Internet/Technology, Consumer business and Social Entrepreneurship, each led by an entrepreneur from that field. You will have the opportunity to discuss real business problems and find innovative and practical solutions. You will meet customers, experience the product/service offering and get into the groove of running a business.

Delivery: Group Activity, Sports

FLOW provides you with a unique opportunity to connect with possible mentors for your ideas. These are Individuals you can connect with and stay in touch with after the conference. It also provides you a forum to interact with some of the smartest talent in India. These individuals can become your co-founders, partners, employees or interns.

Delivery: Group activity

We know that the entrepreneurial journey can have its highs and lows. India, the land of spirituality, will provide a perfect setting for you to experience transformational workshops and understand how to practically use these in your entrepreneurial journey. We want you to learn about the entrepreneur within and be inspired to begin your journey.

Delivery: Self Evolution Workshop

You will go home with the tools, networks and the motivation needed to start, run and/or grow your business. We have professional subject matter experts who will walk you through the process of setting up and running a business in India and answer any questions that you may have.

Delivery: Knowledge Sharing

FLOW is not the end of your journey with IndiaPreneurship, but the starting point. During and after FLOW, you will have the opportunity to experience the sites and sounds that make India the melting pot of different cultures, languages, customs and religions. We have organized sessions during the agenda that will provide a unique backdrop to the work you will do individually and in your groups.

Delivery: Knowledge Sharing

The IndiaPreneurship Community is a network of likeminded individuals who are connected to the entrepreneurship eco-system in India. Whether you are an artist, an entrepreneur, a student or working for a company, you can apply to become a part of this global network.

What do I get
  1. A global network that is run out of India
  2. Mentors and advisors in your specific area of interest
  3. Ability to attend events in at a discounted rate
  4. Participate in monthly meet ups organized by IndiaPrenuership
  5. Meet co-founders and team members through this network
  6. Hire interns from the best universities and B-Schools in India to help you grow your venture
  7. Meet our network of investors who can help you with fine-tuning your business plan or practice your pitch
  8. Take advantage of our discounted rates across India - be it office spaces, legal and finance services, car rentals, hotels, travel assistance etc.
  9. A constantly expanding tool kit of resources that is needed to run your business
  10. Attend invite only events