Make lifelong connections with awesome people
We are at a turning point in history where contours of a new kind of civilization are becoming clear with more connectedness amongst diverse set of groups to forge innovation and value creation. At FLOW, you get to connect with such value creators ? peer students, passionate dreamers and doers, academicians and entrepreneurs from around the world, who not only recognize the potential of India and entrepreneurship but also want to inspire, learn and act. This is an exclusive experiential event that brings together mavericks from the areas of business, social enterprise and academics alike. You could possibly meet your co-founder, investor or even your prospective spouse. We are sure during the 4 days of FLOW, you will make connections for life.
Customized content that will blow your mind
At FLOW we commit to capture and share collective learning and wisdom from real-life practitioners who have invented inspiring solutions to long-standing societal and market problems. Flow is an opportunity to receive some superb content from some of the best minds spread across multiple domains. You get to meet some really powerful and inspiring speakers and award-winning entrepreneurs. The agenda is driven by experiential learning and includes workshops, games, field visits and networking opportunities. We have some of the best minds working behind the scenes to ensure that the facilitation and delivery of our content is trulely world class. Our customized meditation, yoga and other ancient Indian practices will blow your mind.
Connect to the ecosystem to launch your idea

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