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The India Story

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India is moving towards a mobile enterprise.
Here is an interesting infographic on the rapidly increasing smartphone users and predicting the growth for enterprise mobility in 2015.

- 2/3 mobile workforce to own a smart mobile device by 2015
- 205 million enterprise mobile workforce by 2015
- The penetration of smart mobile devices stands at 43.6% in 2013 and promises to grow up to 64% by 2015.

71% of Indians live in rural areas compared to only 20% Americans live in rural. There are many more interesting numbers, which explains the penetration and usage patterns of Internet in India. Despite of struggling with many issues, India’s contribution towards to better tomorrow is growing very fast. With the lack of proper government policies and the corruption, penetration rate of Internet through broadband lines is quite slow but as India has 71% of mobile penetration and with the introduction of 3G, number of people having access to Internet is growing. One of the interesting fact is 59% of Internet users in India use Internet via their mobile phones.


Currently broadband internet charges in India are bit high. Once the prices comes down, the usage of Internet will grow more exponentially. What do you think about the technology trends in India? Let us know in the comments below.

Even so, the online advertising market in India is only worth $200 million of the $80 billion global market, with Google’s share of $100 million being an almost negligible percentage of its worldwide revenue of $29.3 billion dollars last year. Most Indian advertisers continue to pour billions of dollars in traditional newspaper and television advertising, online ads in India seems to be slowly becoming Mainstream, and with Mobile coming of Age across Countries and India, It is one of the Fastest growing sweet spot for Digital Advertisers as Web-enabled phone less than about $80. Good smartphones cost at least $140. Google has been working closely with manufacturers to bring out low-cost phones in India that use its Android operating system.

According to research by ViziSense, Google Search is used by 65 million Internet users in India and YouTube by 23 million. India is among the top nations by number of users on Google+, with 3 million Indians already having signed up for the new social network. Orkut, the company’s other social network, continues to be used by 11.1 million Indian users, though the service is in decline. Facebook, by comparison, boasts of 42.7 million users in India

Even e-commerce, which has seen a significant boom in the country in recent times, is in its nascent stages yet, with online ticket sales bringing in $5 billion annually, which is only a small amount compared to the $80 billion market for ticket sales in neighbouring China.

According to a recent report, shared by ASSOCHAM( associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry ), estimated the online retail industry to touch Rs 7,000 crore (1 bIllion USD) by 2015 (rising from the current Rs 2000 crore), with an annual growth rate of 35 per cent. Adding on to this, IAMI has facilitated data to indicate a zoom in India’s e-commerce sector, with transactions rising 50 per cent annually. Online retailing or e-tailing, which accounts for about 6 per cent of the Rs 46,000 crore industry, has taken the forefront of this rapid growth.

Although The U.S. is the largest e-commerce economy but does not lead in every single metric, Forrester says. According to Internet Retailer, The U.S. has the benefit of a large online population, a high percentage of online buyers and high per-capita online spending. However, South Korean consumers, for example, spend more time online and China has the most online users in the world, the report finds.

China and India are adopting e-commerce at very different rates. Both countries have populations of more than 1 billion people, significant emerging middle classes and rapidly growing Internet populations, which is why they are often brought up in tandem as key emerging e-commerce markets,

Internet Retailer in a post on ” The State Of eCommerce in Emerging Countries notes that India and China , these two markets differ significantly when it comes to Internet adoption and e-commerce. India’s online population is only about one-quarter the size of China’s, and some 37% of online users in China`s large urban areas are buying online, compared with only 7% in India`s large urban areas, the report says.

What is your BE-IS-NESS?

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What is your BE-IS-NESS? By Lara Berg

My love for entrepreneurship started at a very young age… from the age of 5 running lemonade stands, to having a newspaper routes (gotta ‘THANK” my Mom for helping me here!), to making up price lists for different chores and going up & down the street pitching my services to my neighbors, to being the first to jump into raising money for a school fundraiser… I have always loved taking initiative.

Upon graduating high school, I knew I wanted to study business at University because I used to think, “everything is a business and so I’ll study business, and then I have tons of options!” I then completed my Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management from Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

That was in 2009… fast forward to 2013… my life and view on life has completely changed.

To keep a long story short… I went from feeling like I was chained to a 9-5 desk job living an unhealthy lifestyle… to making many SIGNIFICANT HUGE changes… to now living and loving life with the man of my dreams & growing 3 profitable businesses, which are all based around our shared passions.


I’ve also learned that “everything is NOT a business,” … “everything is PERSONAL.”On my journey so far, I have also discovered a key term that has changed my view of business forever.

This term is BE-IS-NESS.

“What is a be-is-ness”?

I call all three of these businesses… my BE-IS-NESS.  They aren’t separate. It’s a WHOLE.

So, what is it?

What’s your BE-IS-NESS?

It’s who you are BE-ing… it’s your Is-Ness.

Your Be-Is-Ness.

When you are running a business, it IS who are BE-ing in the world. It reflects your “Is-Ness.”

It’s not just about the bottom line, or about profit, and it’s more much more even than blanketing what you’re doing under ‘social entrepreneurship.’

As you probably now, it’s never smart to do anything solely for financial gain. Even our man, Russell Simmons, who is the third richest figure in hip hop, having a net-worth estimate of $340 million as of April 2011 says in his book, “Super Rich” (which I highly recommend!) that as soon as he smells or senses that a potential new business partner is only it in for the money, he walks the other way.

Being profitable is important, but you should not be doing what you’re doing, “just to make money.” … Where’s the love?

Build a sustainable business by having a positive impact on others and down the line, the more profitable you become, the more you can grow, give back, and impact the world.

Make a Difference. Make a Dollar.

Make a Dollar. Make a Difference.

Do well, and do good at the same time.

Follow what you’re really passionate about… profit WILL follow.

Or as Russell says, “Only do sh*t you believe in!”

It might take you a couple years to begin to break even and make a profit, but this is for almost every business. It will take up to 5 years to have your foundation laid.

And I’m right there with you. I’m learning, too. I’m a few years in, and I can tell you that you must have GUMPTION.

What is GUMPTION, exactly?

It’s shrewd or spirited initiative and resourcefulness.


More on GUMPTION and the 4 major lessons that I have learned when it comes to being a successful entrepreneur.

In closing, I encourage you to sit down, think about, and feel around what you’re ‘BE-IS-NESS’ is… What’s your ‘is-ness? Who are you BE-IS-ing? Who do you really want to be? The answer is most likely, “I just want to be my Self! My truest, highest, best Self.” … Through this comes your BE-IS-NESS.

Until next time…

Much Love,

Lara’s Bio
Lara loves India, and she loves entrepreneurship, which is why she’s our main contributing writer from Canada! She’s an entrepreneur growing businesses around her passions of yoga, natural healing, music, and she also has a business consulting practice. She and her partner Kevin are Tantra Yoga Teachers as well as Laughter Yoga Leaders. It’s their mission to help people not only ‘look on the Brightside,’ but feel BRIGHT, too, through BrightSideYoga.com. Ultimately, Lara is about helping people remember their true nature… LOVE.  She contributes articles that are both entrepreneurial and personal in nature helping you discover more of your Self and grow more in your life and business.