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What is Entrepreneurship?

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What is Entrepreneurship? By Amalia Ghiban

I know a lot of people are asking and I also know a lot of people are answering with definitions, concepts, opinions etc. As a freelancer, I believe that entrepreneurship is a life style, therefore each and every single one of us can be an entrepreneur. And this life style is based on conscious choices of making this world a better place, give to others and yes, making some money in the process.
How do we recognize an entrepreneur?
He runs a company? He has a certain number of employees? He makes a certain amount of profit? … may be or may be not, I think that what matters here is that an entrepreneur is a designer, a designer of his own lifestyle.
He is a human being like everyone else, emotional, spiritual, thoughtful and active. And his actions are based on his values. And he knows what his values are because he is aware of what he wants to build and what he wants to become. And when that happens, when actions get aligned with values, then motivation arises, motivation to get out of bed in the morning and know that he has a purpose to follow.
An entrepreneur challenges the system to create a change, builds his own rules and follows them, believes in himself and in the people around him, he is strong as a pillar and in flow like water; he is the one giving the first step.
An entrepreneur knows and respects the importance of failure, and he fails greatly, and he learns with it, and works hard, and fails once more and stands up again and work even harder, because at the next step success will rise, and he will know it when he tastes it.
An entrepreneur values, believes, feels and acts for his purpose; he will be open to feedback, but never lose his authenticity.
An entrepreneur is the CEO and the house maid in the same time.
Are you ready to become one?
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Amalia’s Bio

Amalia loves India, and she loves entrepreneurship, which is why she’s our main contributing writer from Portugal! She considers herself a global citizen. Born and raised on the shores of the Danube in Romania and hosted by the power of the Atlantic in Portugal, for the last 5 years. She has tried most of the areas that her economic background recommended her for, like: banking, project management, marketing and finance, but her passion for people was not being expressed in any of them. Coaching came to give a name to what she was already doing but without knowing it, and it freed her from the system, where she was not fitting. Since she took this path, she is constantly designing her life and herself along with it. She expresses her passion for people and uses it as a catalyst. She is making this world a better place with each step she takes.